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Meet local Greenville and Upstate-area singles! This group is dedicated to introducing you to new people with similar backgrounds over drinks, parties, dinners, events and excursions. You should join if you are looking to make new friends and spice up your social life.

2. SAFE!

Like an exclusive club, we routinely screen members. If we notice
somebody we don't think is a good fit for the group, we'll say "No thank you" so you don't have to.


We organize plenty of free and fun events––at least one per week––with monthly mixers designed to purposely match our members. We understand the importance of meeting new people constantly, therefore we tailor our events with different interests in mind. 

We are the largest and most active Singles Group in Greenville and the Upstate area

From dinners to wine tastings and dance parties, or just a chill game night, there is always an event for everyone's preference...

Speed Dating is here!

If you're single and looking to meet your match, then our Speed Dating Event is the right place for you. If the stars align, we'll even set you up on a date!

Meet · Mingle · Match

Our unique Speed Dating Event gives you the chance to meet lots of single people from all over the Upstate in one night!

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"I was very nervous at first going to an event and not knowing anyone.  My friends are married or have kids and I’m still single.  The online dating wasn’t working because our expectations and reality just don’t seem to meet online. 
I needed to meet people outside of my circle and I so I got brave and went to an event. 
I met a lot of wonderful people and made new friends.  Good friends that actually ask how I’m doing and check in on me and when we aren’t quarantined I actually have something to do almost every night if I wanted to. I’ve met some really amazing people in the group and I’ve had a lot of fun."  


"Greenville Singles has made me feel welcomed from the first day. It’s a wonderful way to meet new friends. I love events to look forward to attending. Friends I have met there get me to try new things I normally wouldn’t do without encouragement."


"Greenville Singles is a fantastic group! I would recommend it to anyone who is new in town and is looking for new friends or for that special someone! They always have new fun activities and awesome parties. I was fortunate and met my future husband in one of their gatherings. Even if we don’t attend all the activities we are always looking forward to the signature parties like the Masquerade, Greenville's White Party, Halloween, etc.
I’ll always be thankful for joining this group and attending the events!"


"When I moved to Greenville last year I was very depressed because I had ended a long term relationship. I decided to join the group and see what was all the buzz about,  it was the best decision I could've made. I am still healing from the break up, so I am just making friends at this time. I always have something to do with the group and the friends I have made there.
Karina is truly an amazing leader and supporter." 


"My experience with the Greenville singles started in the fall of 2019. I quickly felt like part of the family. The group was very warm and welcoming! I quickly became friends with Karina and Leon and I was really impressed with the fact that once she knew my story, my heart and my desires, one of which is not to date right now, she has never pushed me or made me feel uncomfortable. Even though her mission in life is to make sure people find true love and happiness, her respect for me is more important than that. I love that lady! I’m so thankful for my new friendships formed here."


"This group of people are my family! After a difficult divorce, it really took me a while to decide to get out of my comfort zone and try to meet friends. I quickly realized the online dating was more like a horror story....
A co-worker recommended to join Greenville Singles and she explained the value of meeting people without any pressure. I was very nervous at first but as soon as I got to the event I was greeted by smiling faces and I felt like I knew these people for years! The best part, I met an amazing lady who I have been dating for over 6 months. The in-person chemistry was very important.


"I was looking for something to do in Greenville when I came across an event on Facebook for local singles. I signed up and paid the $5 reservation fee which to this day I claim that it was the best $6.28 I ever spent, no doubt. That night I met the most amazing and impressive woman who would later become my wife. BUT I thought about not showing up because I was going to be late to the dinner due to working late that day. I decided to show up anyway and make the best of it. It turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life! So here's what I tell everyone I meet:It works, you just have to show up." (consistently)


"Amazing! I have attended many events with this group and I always end up having a great time. The event hosts will make sure you get to meet everyone. I was a little worried about how I was going to approach people at my first gathering but they really take care of all the small details. I am currently dating someone from the group and so far it's going very good. Definitely meeting someone in person vs online made a huge difference; I was able to experience a level of chemistry that is not possible thru reading online profiles.
I totally recommend this group!"


Take your membership to the next level and let us help you achieve your relationship goals.

Are you ready to improve
your dating game?
We have the largest database of Singles in the Upstate. Also,every featured member goes through an in-person interview, so no more catfishing.

Take your membership to the next level and let us help you achieve your relationship goals.

P.O. Box 9923
 Greenville, SC 29604
9AM - 9PM Mon - Sun

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Leon K.

"In consectetuer turpis ut velit. Suspendisse nisl elit, rhoncus eget, elementum ac, condimentum eget, diam. Donec sodales sagittis."


Karina K.

Is the Founder , mover and shaker !
It is her life mission and passion to help others find love. Karina's top priority is to orgazie events for the sinlges comunity in  the Uptate!

Jennifer L.

You can count on Jennifer to be
the most dependable
event coordinator and friend 
you'll ever have!
She is autthentic, honest and the most respectful lady.
Jennifer always wants what is best for her friends. Meeting her
will  change your life!

Jill C.

Jill is our Social butterfly!
Animal lover and most talkative event greeter in the group!
Never a dull moment with this amazing frined!

Jennifer N.

The most friendly event
Greeter you'll ever meet!
Her smile is contagious
and she has a sense of
humorlike no other.
Jennifer loves to be an ambassador of GVLSINGLES.

Diana G.

Meet Miss Congeniality!
Diana is the most independant
and fearless ambassador.
She will greet you with a cute
smile and win your heart with her amazing personality!

Debbie P.

 Debbie is the friend you
always wanted to have.
You can always count with
clear messges from her!
She is a great ambassador who
loves welcoming new

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